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Fellow Bithumb Users,

This is No.1 Digital Asset Platform, Bithumb.

We will run ‘Airdrop Event’ in order to celebrate our 7th anniversary.

Let’s trade digital assets released in invitations for 7 days, and win a prizes!

We invite you to a special party where you can receive a total of 1.2 billion worth of Airdrops and iPhone 12 Pro.

■ Event Period : 2021.02.16 (Tue) ~ 2021.02.22 (Mon)

■ Event details

[Event1] Lucky 7 Event (Lucky draw for 7)

- We will provide iPhone 12 Pro to one of trading customers every day for 7 days by drawing.

**Utility bills (22%) are a customer’s burden.

[Event2] Airdrop Event for Trading

- Airdrop will be paid if you trade over 70,000 KRW for digital assets that are released daily on invitations.

- Conditions : trade over 70,000 won for digital assets that are released daily on invitations.

- Event time : Everyday 10:00 ~ 24:00 (KST)

** Contribution Rate(%) = (Total digital asset transaction amount of member A during the event period / Total digital asset transaction amount during the event period) %

[Event3] Airdrop Event for Accumulation of transaction

- Airdrop will be distributed to customers with Top 1st ~ 77th highest accumulation of all digital assets disclosed in the invitations.

** Accumulation of transaction amount = Total transaction amount of member A during the event period.

** Airdrop coin will be randomly determined at the time of payment and are paid based on the closing price of the previous day.

[Event4] Airdrop Event for New members

- If you sign up for Bithumb for the first time, you will receive 10,000 KRW worth of bitcoin to the first 777 people every day.

- Conditions : level2 certification and deposit 10,000 KRW (or worth of coin).

■ [Event 1] Announcement date of winner : March 4, 2021(Thu)

■ [Event 2,3,4] Provision date : March 8, 2021(Mon)

Go to the Event Page>>

※ Notice

- This event is limited to virtual assets that are disclosed in the invitations.

- Airdrop & Benefits of this events can be paid in duplicate.

- Event 4 is recognized only for new members whose membership is after the event start date, and benefits are provided only to new Bithumb customers. (Pay once per mobile phone number)

- In Event 4, benefits are paid on a first-come, first-served basis from the point when all deposits of KRW and virtual assets (equivalent to 10,000 KRW) are completed after self-verification (level 2) is completed. (External deposit only)

- Airdrop will be made on March 8th, 2021 (Mon) and the payment will be trimmed by 4 decimal places.

- Prime members and customers who have participated in other events on Bithumb will be excluded from this event.

- Participants who use the [Bithumb fee free coupon] are not eligible for this event.

- This event may be subject to change / terminated early due to internal circumstances.

- If it is considered an illegal or abnormal transaction, it may be excluded from the event or canceled.

- The total amount (1.2 billion) is converted to the market price based on the closing price on Feb 14th.

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